Personalized Orthodontics for Your Best Smile!

Your smile — and how you feel about it — touches every part of your life. Smiles are how we connect with one another: They open doors, foster trust, and are with us at every moment of our personal and professional lives.

When we know our teeth are straight and healthy, we feel secure in our appearance and how others view us. This boosts our self-esteem, and that confidence is apparent in every interaction and every smile we share.

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, Dr. Claude Boutin and our team are here to help!

A Different Approach to Orthodontics

Right from your first consultation appointment, you will know you’re in a different kind of orthodontic practice.

Dr. Boutin gives every patient and the family his direct personal attention, to learn who they are and discuss the treatment process with them. He believes orthodontics is not just something he does to people, but is something he does with them. In order to be successful, he, our team, and the patient and family need to collaborate. You are an integral part of the process!

  • An Orthodontic Specialist: Dr. Boutin’s practice is limited to orthodontics. He has devoted his career, since 1989, to the specialty: constantly expanding his knowledge and honing his skills. You will see him at every visit, as he assesses your progress and checks to see how you’re feeling about the treatment. Dr. Boutin has the experience necessary to ensure your individual orthodontic journey will be efficient and comfortable, delivering optimal oral health and function, along with the radiant smile you deserve!
  • Rigorously Trained Clinical Staff: All of our clinical assistants are Registered Dental Assistants Level 2 and have completed the orthodontic module. Each is qualified to provide direct patient care under Dr. Boutin’s direction.
  • Attentive Front-Office Team: Each member of our front office is highly trained, competent, and accommodating. They want your orthodontic experience to be stress-free and will work with you to develop an affordable financial plan, schedule visits at times that fit with your other commitments, and make achieving your best smile a breeze.
  • Uncommon Clinic Design: Dr. Boutin redesigned the traditional open-bay orthodontic clinic to include more private treatment areas. This ensures you feel free to voice questions and concerns, and allows us to focus directly on you during visits!

Schedule a Consultation

The first step toward an improved bite, proper function, and a confidence-filled smile is a no-fee consultation with Dr. Boutin. No sales pitch, we promise; instead, an open conversation about treatment and options, clear answers to your questions, and a path to your best smile!

Please contact our Calgary or Drumheller, AB orthodontic office for more information and schedule a consultation today!

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