Your First Visit In Calgary, AB

Please allow approximately one hour for your first visit. The purpose for your first visit with us is to determine:

  • Whether there are orthodontic problems that can be corrected with particular types of orthodontic treatment
  • What would be the most appropriate timing for any required treatment?

Orthodontics is defined as the “correction of irregularities in the teeth and jaws”. In short, we try to fix crooked teeth and bite problems. Although there are many details to consider, our first examination focuses on two basic areas:

First, we look at how the teeth fit into their respective jaws (Are the teeth in the upper jaw straight or crooked? Is there a lack of space for teeth or too much space?)
Second, we look at how the upper and the lower jaws fit together (Is the upper or lower jaw too far back? Is the upper or lower jaw too far forward? Is one of the jaws deviated off to one side compared to the other?)

In order to make your first visit as informative as possible we often use digital photo close-ups of your teeth so that you can see first hand exactly what the problems are. This procedure does not involve X-rays. We usually do not take X-rays at this early stage, but if your dentist has a recent “Panoramic” X-ray it would be helpful if it were forwarded to us.

To help us give you the best service possible we have provided the Patient Registration forms for adults and for children on this page so that you can fill it out prior to your visit. We encourage you to complete the applicable form so that we can get a head start on the paper work and streamline your visit with us. Either print it out and bring it with you or submit it to us online (this function is secure, with encryption to protect your privacy.)

The first part is a basic general information form and a health history. If you have some kind of dental insurance coverage please fill out the insurance section on the form. If you can complete this in full it may allow you to more easily find out to what extent your dental coverage may reimburse you for orthodontic treatment costs. (All applicable insurance/identification numbers and birth dates must be included if we are to help you with filling out insurance forms.) Please fill out the online Information Forms.

You do not need to be referred by your dentist for this initial examination and consultation. At this initial visit we can usually give you an approximate idea of what the orthodontic treatment fees will be.

Appointment Info

Dr. Boutin arranges his hours to meet the needs of his patients in as much as it is possible to do so. We appreciate how important it is for you to have your children miss as little school as possible. We understand that it can be difficult to justify missing hours of school for a short 20 minute appointment. We are happy to be able to offer a selection of before and after school appointment times. We will try to see as many of our patients as possible outside of school hours and even have lunch hour appointment times! We generally take lunch either before or after the regular noon hour lunchtime so that we can accommodate patients who want to come in on the later part of their lunch hour. Because these appointment times are in high demand, please appreciate that they are booked well in advance and are not always easy to get on short notice. Only short appointments are booked in these time slots. Longer appointments are usually scheduled during mid morning or mid afternoon. Please keep this in mind when booking.