For New Patients

Welcome to the office of Dr. Claude Boutin, Registered Specialist in Orthodontics.

Initial examination appointments take approximately one hour and Dr. Boutin will spend time with you answering your questions and explaining prodedures.

Dr. Boutin uses computer imaging to make examination visits as informative as possible. Digital pictures are used to clearly illustrate what orthodontic problems exist and computer animations are presented to help explain how various treatment options can be applied to improve an individual’s dentition.

As an orthodontic office we have the ability to help give people smiles they love to use. Successful orthodontics takes commitment on the part of the Orthodontist, the patient and your family dentist. Other professionals in the medical and dental fields will be consulted as required. While you are receiving orthodontic treatment with us, you must continue to see your family dentist to have your teeth cleaned regularly. This will help ensure that when we finish your orthodontic treatment you will have nice straight teeth that are free from active dental disease.

The most important thing in dentistry is keeping your teeth clean. Orthodontics represents an opportunity to develop excellent oral hygiene skills that we hope will help you throughout your life. We take this aspect of orthodontics very seriously and spend a lot of time working with our patients both in terms of the necessary tools and skills and also in terms of motivation.

We want to reward our patients for their efforts and progress and strive to make your visits with us fun! Dr. Boutin provides a full range of orthodontic services for children as well as for adults. Many people think that orthodontists treat only children. In reality one quarter of our patients are adults between the ages of 18 and 65.

Please take a minute to fill out the patient information form before your first appointment. You can either fill out the online form and send it in electronically or you can print out the PDF form, fill it in and bring it with you at the consultation appointment.